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Deep Space Mind offers technical and training support to neighborhood and grassroots community groups, as well as neighbors with lived experience and little access to trainings or skill-building around community care.


Along with community events and workshops, DSM215 is proud to work on the following community-driven projects:

Restorative Practices Community Skill-Building 2022-Present

Deep Space Mind 215 has committed to creating the space for skill-building in restorative practices, and has been building a community of over 40 trained restorative practitioners in partnership with Good Shepherd Mediation, Eddie's House, The Dynamic Justice Collective and the Restorative Cities Initiative. In 2023, DSM215 joined the Restorative Cities Initiative, and is in the process of forming a restorative practice hub centering community care and healing.

Pentridge Children's Garden 2023

DSM215 and PCG will collaborate to legitimize and strengthen Black, community-grown  practices of community care, including the work of neighbors who tend community garden in the aftermath of loss due to COVID-19. This will primarily be achieved through documentation, evaluation,  care worker capacity building and training. DSM215 will partner with the garden on key events that will raise the profile of the garden, and strengthen their community network.

  • Land-Based Restorative Practice Training Aug 2023

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