Deep Space Mind is an emerging collaborative effort rooted in the celebration of madness, insanity, joy, and emotion, as well as all the ways every day people in the city of Philadelphia work to promote mental wellness in their communities on their own terms.


Our aim is to highlight, cultivate, and document grassroots mental wellness systems in communities where institutions are pitched as the only suitable option.

We will be working with healers who walk their own recovery journeys and who represent communities and collectives already working to create and sustain wellness where they live.

We want Deep Space Mind to serve as a space of liberation and decolonization around what it means to be mentally well, mentally ill, insane, or happy.

We want Deep Space Mind to provide a space where healers who journey through recovery themselves can experiment, vision alternative realities, build power, and create community with new friends from around the city.

We want to document the work of Philadelphia healers and their alternative wellness mechanisms in a book called DSM.215, to be launched to the community in a mental health awareness art exhibit next May 2020.

We want to elevate all participants as artists, visioners, and experts in this project.


Deep Space Mind seeks healing workers with lived experience of mental health challenges to join our collective and promote community-driven wellness practices.

We would like to gather local healers twice a month throughout the Fall and Winter of 2019 for workshops exploring the past, present, and future of mental health for ourselves and our communities.

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What is a mental health co-op?

Workshops will take a futuristic, particularly afro-futuristic perspective that combines science around the brain; local, folk, and academic philosophy; historical explorations of the field of psychiatry, psychology, and social services; cultural explorations of our own beliefs around insanity and madness; and new innovations in mental health work, including those we concoct together

Topics to be covered include: Ancestral Trauma and DIY Genetic Engineering; Mental Disorder or Alternative Realities; Insanity's Gifts; Time Travel and Remembering the Future

What do you mean by 'lived experience'? What is a mental health challenge?

Lived experience of mental health challenges means: Any mental, psychological, emotional, neurological, spiritual or personal experience, that has made you feel or become labeled or stigmatized.

You may have been called [or call yourself] terms such as:





messed up




diagnosed with ________

or you may have been told you require hospitalization, medication, confinement, isolation, a change in where you live, special accommodations. You may have had to miss school or work because of these experiences.

You do not have to have a formal diagnosis to participate in Deep Space Mind 215.

What is a 'healer?' What is 'healing justice?'

Coming Soon

I can't make it to in-person workshops. Can I find other ways to participate in this project?

Definitely. We understand people are busy and have to protect and maintain their health. We want to meet local healers where they're at. You can get involved by:

  • Submitting content for the DSM.215 print publication. We want local organic healing practices, responses to our community prompts, and art

  • Submitting art work to our Mental Health Awarenesss Month art exhibit in May 2020. Stay tuned for a call for submissions

  • Guest blogging

  • Inviting DSM.215 to collaborate on mental wellness advocacy and organizing

Why should me or my org get involved?

We hope Deep Space Mind can help you and your community strengthen and advance mechanisms for wellness. We want to do that by:

  • Providing space for healers with lived experience to explore and experiment with their own definitions of healing to strengthen their own practices

  • Providing a platform for local healers to highlight their work to stakeholders in the city

  • Documenting for practitioners and for the historical record that local communities have always and will continue to develop and maintain structures for mental health outside of mainstream services.

  • Strengthening a network of local healers for solidarity, advocacy, and emotional support


Deep Space Mind 215 was initially developed by Ras Cutlass in 2015 as an afrofuturistic workshop on centering community-based and ancestral mental health perspectives and practices.

In 2019, Cutlass received the Blade of Grass Art for Social Change Award, and was able to expand into a workshop series meant to co-create systems and tools for collective wellness in Philadelphia. Workshops like Street Smarts: Dismantling the Empire's Intelligence and With Spirit

However, in 2020